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19. Tour-Stop: Pesaro

Ali italiani piace caldo….ma anche al latte, alle nocciole e fondente, l’importante è che sia EQUO!

Italians like it hot…but also milk, hazelnut and dark chocolate, the important thing is that is FAIR! The recipe is very simple…a beautiful sunny day, lot of people, an extravagant truck and delicious fair trade chocolate! Let’s add passion and a bit of fun. Finally let’s mix all the ingredients and the italian stop of the MakeChocolate Fair! Tour is ready to serve! The initiative took place in the city center of Pesaro, that for a day has turned into a fair and ethic space where chocolate had an aftertaste of justice and human rights! This to remind us that even in the daily shopping consciousness, awareness and responsibility are needed! Cospe thanks Inkota’s crew for the unique opportunity and the fair trade shop of Pesaro Mondo Solidale which offered a very tasty hot chocolate and a huge variety of chocolate bars. And remember that there is no taste without justice (no justice! no taste!)
Uppsi Baby.Wir arbeiten daran...
La ricetta è molto semplice…una bella giornata di sole, tanta gente, un camion stravagante e del buon cioccolato equo e solidale! Si aggiunge tanta passione e un pizzico di allegria. Infine si mescolano tutti gli ingredienti ed ecco servita la tappa italiana del Tour MakeChocolateFair! L’iniziativa si è svolta nel centro storico di Pesaro, che per una giornata si è trasformato in uno spazio dal retrogusto solidale e dove il cioccolato aveva il sapore della giustizia e dei diritti umani! Per ricordarci che anche nel fare la spesa occorre coscienza, consapevolezza e responsabiltà! Il Cospe ringrazia lo staff di Inkota per l’opportunità e la Bottega del Commercio Equo di Pesaro che per l’occasione ha offerto della buonissima cioccolata calda ed ha proposto in vendita tantissime varietà di cioccolato. E ricordate che non c’è gusto senza giustizia!
by Arianna Blasi, COSPE

Beans on the table! – A visit to the Zotter factory in Riegersburg

His definition of a boombastic chocolate.

Arise, awaken, we have the need to pace, the tour has befallen us, no time to stay at one place. So here we go, are you ready for another? MCF-team on the move, we are busy, we discover.
Just around the corner of Graz is the small village of Riegersburg, home to the chocolate manufacturer Zotter. With approx. 400 metric tons cocoa per year, this is a rather small player in the cocoa world, but it has some specialties... Only ecological & fair trade cocoa is processed, the factory is open to the public (transparent manufactory) and with +300 of own chocolate creations the owner constantly ventures to expand the limits of the conventional chocolate flavor. Once we realized, how close Graz/we actually are to this place, we instantly decided pay this place a visit and see what kind of philosophy and maybe even character in person is behind the Zotter chocolate. Behold! A ChocoMobile in front of the house in deed was the appropriate bait for getting the sweet boss himself out of the office and into discussion with us...

15. Tour-Stop: München

Faire Schoko macht München mobil - Unterschriftenrekord trotz Regen

Über 20 ehrenamtliche Helfer*innen bereiteten sich am Samstagmittag in einem Vorbereitungsworkshop auf ihren Einsatz auf dem Streetlife Festival vor. Am Nachmittag ging es trotz mieser Wetterlage gut gelaunt los: Ob Glücksrad oder Hüpfkissen, Schokoladenbrunnen oder FotoBooth, Interviews oder einer der großartigen Tanzflashmobs – kaum jemand kam während der zwei Festivaltage an dem Schokomobil vorbei, ohne von den ausbeuterischen Arbeitsbedingungen in der Kakao- und Schokoladenindustrie zu erfahren.

It’s rather hard to find a cocoa tree in Estonia.

Coco (aka "Theo the loco") is gone.

Read how a small Cocoa Tree from the Fair Trade town Witzenhausen (GER), born in  the green house of the Institut for Organic Agricultural Sciences of the Universty Kassel set about to ride on the chocolate trail with us - and how it finally battle-warry ran ashore the Fair Trade Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences at the University Praha!
Warum wachsen keine Kakaobäume in Estland? Liegt es daran, dass Kakaobäume keine Zugluft vertragen und deswegen die steten Ostseewinden mißlieben?  -  Nicht direkt. Liegt es daran, dass Kakaobäume keine Temperaturen unter 15°C aushalten?  -  Ein überschätztes Argument. Liegt es daran, dass Kakaobäume nur durch bestimmte tropische Zweiflügler der Unterfamilie Forcipomyiinae bestäubt werden?  -   Nö, nö. Das ginge auch per Pinsel in der Hand! Also liegt es daran, dass die in leckerem süßen Fruchtfleisch eingebetteten Kakao-Samen vor allem durch Affen und Papageien verbreitet werden; und diese im Baltikum nur seltenste Verbreitung finden?  - Nein. Würdes es erst zur Fruchtreife kommen, dann würde dieser Job, wäre es so einfach, durch die ein oder andere baltische Schleckernase auf dem Weg zur Arbeit getan werden! Hieran liegt es wirklich: Die Art und Weise wie diese Bäume nord-ost-wärts zu reisen pflegen, ist einfach zu exaltiert! Die mutigen, aktivistischen, schönen, aber doch sehr sehr zart besaiteten Vertreter der Gattung Cacao lieben die Fahrt im Schokomobil und schaffen es so, trotz allem Draufgängertum einfach nie weiter als bis nach.... Prag! Doch seht selbst wie es unserem Maskottchen und heißgeliebten (und doch nicht heiß genug) Coco-the-Loco Kakaobäumchen auf seinem wilden Ritt im Schokomobil ergangen ist...
Why are there no cocoa trees in Estonia? Is it because cocoa trees do not support a cold draught? - Thats true, but not the point. Ist it because they do not sustain temperatures below 15°C? - Overestimated argument. Is it because cocoa trees get pollinated only by certain flys of the Forcipomyiinae Genus?  Horseshoe! Brush & handjob do the trick just the same. Is it Because cocoa seeds in their sweet juicy flesh get distributed by primates and parrots mostly, which are bloody rare in the Baltics? Consequential logic error. If there were cocoa trees in the first place, this would be sorted easily by the estonian primary-school pupils, with hands down! It actually is because of the means of transportation they choose to travell north-eastern bound, just too fancy! This brave, activistic and beautiful, but undisputable quiet sensitive plants are just unbale to resist a ride in the ChocoMobile. Disregarding all  bravery they can never manage to overstate Prague. But just look and judge for yourself what our campain´s most beloved mascot Coco-the-Loco tree experienced on our tour...
Extra big to hands to Marina Hethke who let Coco come on our mission (Curator of the Greenhouse for Tropical crop Plants in Witzenhausen) and to Jiří Hejkrlík (FTZ Praha - Vice Dean of Economics and Development) who rescued our little hero and gave him a new warm home in Praha