The 3 months tour in just 5 minutes!

This was the ChocoMobile Tour 2014

Watch our 5 minute documentation and travel with us more than 10.000 kilometers – big hand goes out to everybody who helped making this tour happen!!! Rock on, spread word, sign the petition untill November 2015 - and let´s MAKE CHOCOLATE FAIR together!

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Travel 12.000 km in 60 pics with


Check out the BEST-OF impressions of the ChocoMobil tour 2014. Thanx so sweet again to the hundreds of fair trade supporters and activists all over Europe - you made this incredible campaigning tour happen! The tour has ended, but the cause goes on. Help spreading the word to make our petition loud and strong untill fall 2015! >>> <<<  

Chocolala – finding fair spirit in Tallinn

Discussing fair trade with an Estonian pioneer.

In Tallinn we could witness the hand over of the Estonian "Fair Trade Friends" awards. Besides initiatives, retailers and shops, also one chocolate producer got awared: Chocolala, a small privately owned Talliin based chocolate manufacturer. We thought this to be a perfect opportunity for a very spontaneous post-award interview and for following up on our Riga talk with Baltic chocolate producers. WATCH the video about our chat with Kristi Lehtis - head of Chocolala, the first Estonian company to use the Fairtrade certification mark on their products.
by Sven Selbert, INKOTA

28. Tour-Stop: Helsinki

On a grey Saturday (25th of October) the Chocomobile parked in front of the biggest shopping center in the Fairtrade Town of Helsinki. Building started at 11.30 which gave us a little bit too little time, but we managed to get everything ready with only a little delay. The event took place from 12.00 to 17.00. We were having so much fun and so many interested people around us that we didn’t quite finish at five p.m.   During the event some 500 people signed the petition and more than 2500 people saw the Chocomobile, tasted Fairtrade chocolate or hot chocolate, discussed with us or got their picture taken. People turned the Fair Fortune Wheel and if they were lucky, got to dip some Fairtrade bananas to the awesome ChocoFountain (which needed some extra heating because of the chilly weather). Our super cool Chocomobil crew were really good sports and also we had the pleasure of having our Estonian colleagues at the event as well. Thank you! After the event the exhibition continued to Omnia Vocational College, where more than 5000 students have the chance to see it and sign the petition.   In the evening we had an after party for the Chocolate Bunnies and all Fairtrade lovers in bar Pacifico, with a pub quiz, live music and documentary film (which we ended up watching as a silent film with DJ Selina Kyle playing music due to some technical difficulties). Charming singer-songwriter Liila Jokelin played a gig, and 150 partying people had a lot of fun and fair chocolate. It was really great to have the tour stopping in Helsinki!  

The tour is dead – Long live the tour!

31. October: Meeting YOU @ the FINAL tour event in BERLIN!

Schokomobil-Tour 2014 - eine faire Odyssee in Europa.

Drei Monate, 11209 Straßenkilometer, 659 Seeemeilen. 30 Tour-Stationen in Deutschland, Tschechien, Österreich, Ungarn, Italien, Slowakei, Slowenien, Polen, Lithauen, Lettland, Estland und Finnland. Hunderte Aktivisten, tausende Teilnehmer haben sich für bessere Bedingungen in der Kakaoproduktion und einen fairen Handel mit Kakao eingesetzt. - WOW!!! Und jetzt unglaublich, aber wahr, ist das Schokomobil wieder in seinen Heimathafen - Berlin- eingelaufen. Von den Highlights der Tour und der erfolgreichen europaweiten Vernetzung für faire Schokolade berichtet das Tour-Team bei der „Bar&Food Night“ in der Neuen Heimat Berlin.
WANN: Freitag 31. Oktober - ab 20 Uhr
WO: Neue Heimat, Revaler Str. 99, Berlin
Ein letztes mal heißt es: ALL aboard!

ChocoMobile-Tour 2014 - a fair odyssee!

Three months, 11209 kilometers on the road, 659 nautic miles, 30 tour-stops in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slowenia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Hundrets of activist and thousands of participants joined us to push for better conditions in the cocoa production and a fairer cocoa trade. WOW!!! And now, unbelievable but true, the ChocoMobile tour comes to an end. The barge is back to it´s port of registry - Berlin. Be part of the last tour stop 2014! The tour-team reports from it´s journey through half Europe. Watch our highlights and get high on fair chocolate!
WHEN: Freitag 31. Oktober - ab 20 Uhr
WHERE: „Bar&Food Night“ @ Neue Heimat.
Revaler Str. 99, Berlin
Last call: ALL aboard!