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Chocolala – finding fair spirit in Tallinn

Discussing fair trade with an Estonian pioneer.

In Tallinn we could witness the hand over of the Estonian "Fair Trade Friends" awards. Besides initiatives, retailers and shops, also one chocolate producer got awared: Chocolala, a small privately owned Talliin based chocolate manufacturer. We thought this to be a perfect opportunity for a very spontaneous post-award interview and for following up on our Riga talk with Baltic chocolate producers. WATCH the video about our chat with Kristi Lehtis - head of Chocolala, the first Estonian company to use the Fairtrade certification mark on their products.
by Sven Selbert, INKOTA

Beans on the table! – A visit to the Zotter factory in Riegersburg

His definition of a boombastic chocolate.

Arise, awaken, we have the need to pace, the tour has befallen us, no time to stay at one place. So here we go, are you ready for another? MCF-team on the move, we are busy, we discover.
Just around the corner of Graz is the small village of Riegersburg, home to the chocolate manufacturer Zotter. With approx. 400 metric tons cocoa per year, this is a rather small player in the cocoa world, but it has some specialties... Only ecological & fair trade cocoa is processed, the factory is open to the public (transparent manufactory) and with +300 of own chocolate creations the owner constantly ventures to expand the limits of the conventional chocolate flavor. Once we realized, how close Graz/we actually are to this place, we instantly decided pay this place a visit and see what kind of philosophy and maybe even character in person is behind the Zotter chocolate. Behold! A ChocoMobile in front of the house in deed was the appropriate bait for getting the sweet boss himself out of the office and into discussion with us...

Motor oil – The more the merrier?

The question if a ChocoMobile´s motor oil level needs to be measured at the cold or warm motor has been answered by the Austrian mountains in practice...